Hydrafacial Session

Most people treated for Hydrafacial session, want to look good, less tired, less sad, refreshed, and reliable. The AlQudrah Medical Center Sharjah offers a wide range of safe anti-wrinkle, cutaneous, lip, and skin treatments. The Hollywood star's choice is known as the Hydrafacial method that has become very well-known in recent years. When we leave our house in the morning, our skin remains under environmental influence throughout the day.

The Hydrafacial session gives the skin a bright, radiant appearance through the application of all necessary treatments in one sitting. The vacuum nozzle pressure sprays on antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, serum rich in peptides. The skin is therefore cleansed from dead cells, blackheads, excessive fat, and micro-level peeling. Fine lines, irregularities in skin tone and spots, according to the skin problem, are treated using appropriate serums.

At Al-Qudrah Medical Center, qualified professionals provide services in every season for every skin type, including the most sensitive skin. Repeating the results once a month is advisable. For more energetic and healthier skin only, at least one session per month is necessary.

Together with a warm and friendly personality, the wealth of experience makes Al-Qudrah Medical Center the perfect choice for everyone. We work with our customers so that they can feel great at an affordable price as much as possible. All treatments are fully insured, and we strive to provide satisfaction and customer service to our customers.

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